How Styling & Staging Helps In Selling Your Home In Killeen TX

by Administrator 11. July 2014 08:47

First impressions can go a long way when you are looking to sell your house. A house that looks beautiful and inviting has a great potential to attract potential buyers. Staged up houses also give you the opportunity to get the price you demand. For that to happen, it is required to follow some home staging tips that can make the buyers like and want to buy your home.

  • Boosting Curb Appeal: Landscaping enhances the style of your house. A lot of greenery and flowers make your house pleasant to look at. Sideways and walkways should be washed and kept clean. The main door should be of quality wood and the front windows should be properly washed to give a clean look to your house.
  • Keep your house clean: From the floor to walls, counters and windows, everything should be sparkling clean. This is the main key to make your buyers believe the whole house is hygienic and fresh. 
  • De-Clutter:  A house should be free from any unwanted clutter and items that are no longer needed. Things that you feel you can live without should be discarded away.
  • De-Personalize: Your personal collections of CD's, wall posters and artifacts should be removed. Pictures of family members should also be removed to let the buyers vision their own decorating.
  • Clean Kitchen: Kitchen is the most important area of a house. All counters, kitchen sinks and shelves should be well cleaned and presentable. Appliances should be clean and stored smartly to give the kitchen a clean look.
  • Re-arranging Furniture: Furniture items that make your living room look smaller should be removed. It is believed that groupings of furniture items provide a neat look to the room. Sofas can be grouped together to give them a cozy look. Repositioning the furniture to give an elegant look to your living room can go a long way.
  • Home Lighting: Great lighting makes a house look warm and welcoming. Investing in lighting like ambient (general and overhead), task (reading) and accent (table and wall) can dramatically enhance the look of your house.
  • Neutral and Appealing Colors: Neutral colors add a sophisticated backdrop to your house and make them look more tasteful. They also complement the furniture and give an elegant look, and bold colors should be avoided.
  • Styling the Dining Room: The most overlooked part of the house, a dining room should be look appealing to your buyers. Lining up a series of smaller vessels down the table can make it look inviting.

By disconnecting and transforming your house into what buyers are looking for you can easily sell your house. It is vital to ensure that you properly prepare and stage your house to sell it quickly at an attractive price.

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