Easy Ways To Add Value To Your Home

by Administrator 18. November 2014 06:21

If you are planning to sell your home then you should consider making some changes to it to get the maximum possible return on your investment. In today’s competitive and ever changing real estate industry, it is extremely important that your home stands out from the rest so that it can attract the potential buyers.

Here are some of the important tips that will help you add value to your ‘for-sale’ home:

  • Revamp the outdoors: Whenever a potential buyer enters your property, the first thing that can either attract or repel him is the exterior part of your home. Hence, make sure that the front yard of your home is clean and tidy. The garden should be well maintained and fenced, windows should be painted properly
  • Renovate the roof: A shabby roof can also be a negative factor for home selling. Visible damages will immediately be noticed by potential buyers and they will be compelled to reconsider the price they are paying for your home. Thus, try to repair the roof well before any visitor comes to see your property.
  • Refresh with paint: This is another useful and affordable way give a fresh look to your home. Do not use very bright colors as these may not be everyone’s choice. Instead, keep colors to a minimum, using light and neutral shades that go along with almost any furnishings.
  • Update flooring: Get the carpets steam cleaned to remove all the dust and stains to give a fresh look to it. You should also get the floors cleaned or repaired if they are showing signs of wear and tear.
  • Remove blemishes: Old-fashioned wallpapers, tacky light fittings, tainted cabinetries are also good options to be considered for uplift.  You need not spend a lot of money on this but work around creatively to give them a simple yet stylish look.
  • Install security features: Buyers look for a property that has proper security features installed. Installing new pad locks, fire alarms, CCTV cameras, motion detectors etc. can significantly add to the value of your home.

We, at Morris Real Estate, can help you conveniently sell your home in Killeen, TX. Our realtors have years of experience in the real estate industry and thus, are updated about the current market trends. For more information, feel free to call us at (254) 634 – 8852.


Things To Consider Before Selling Your House In Killeen, TX

by Administrator 6. October 2014 08:03

Selling one’s house should be a profitable decision regardless of whether you want to sell your house as a good business move or because you are looking to move to a new house. Your primary intention should be to secure a lucrative offer price. While the size, make and location of the house are the primary determinants of the kind of offers you are likely to get, however there are ways by which you can increase the retail value of your property.

  1. The first port of call is to address all the pending repair work. This includes fixing all broken tiles and windows, trimming the garden grass and getting rid of any weed or other unwanted plants. You should paint the house if it hasn't been recently painted along with replacing any broken or missing panels in the fence. You can polish and buff the woodwork in the house to give a clean fresh look. If you are looking to sell any appliances or drapes you should make sure that they are presentable.
  2. The next step is to invest in the house wisely to increase its market value. You can get a new fence and add a swimming pool in the backyard. If your house doesn’t have a shed you can consider building one. You can also get the floors and walls re-tiled.
  3. The third part is putting the house up and marketing about the sale. Fliers, Newspaper ads and online listings are the best options to let people know that your house is up for sale. You can get in touch with a realtor who can help in selling your house as he understands the mindset of the buyers that are interested in the kind of house that you are trying to sell based on its make and size. Efficient marketing and a professional realtor will help you find the right buyer in a short time.
  4. While staging the house you can consider hiring a professional housekeeper. If you want to do it yourself then you should be well dressed and explain to the interested buyers why the house will be perfect for them and how it will fit in their lives. Also, if there is anything offbeat about the house or its locality you should let them know upfront to avoid any conflict at a later stage.

Selling a house can be very profitable and quick if proper methods are followed and the condition of the house is maintained.

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10 Worst First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes

by Administrator 11. September 2014 09:11

Searching for a home can be really exciting but at the same time a little daunting. You might have taken time and considered many options but there are still a number of mistakes that first time buyers usually make. Given here are some of those common mistakes and tips on how you can avoid them.

  1. Not analyzing your budget: Homebuyers must make a detailed list of all their monthly expenditures, such as groceries, loan payments, credit card payments, household bills, insurance premiums, vehicle costs, groceries, retirement savings and the like.  Take out all these from your total income and then you will get an estimate on how much you can spend each month on your new home.
  2. Skipping mortgage qualification: You must ensure that you have been approved for a loan before initiating the search for a home as otherwise you will be wasting your time. The house that you are looking for should fit into the loan amount approved by the bank.
  3. Not considering add-on expenses: Apart from the monthly loan payments, you will have many other expenses once you are a homeowner. You will have to pay property tax, make any repairs required in the house and prevent it from natural disasters.
  4. Do not be too choosy: As first time homebuyers, you may have to compromise on certain things due to the shortage of funds. Being too choosy can ultimately end up meaning that you will be living in a rental home for a longer time.
  5. Lacking vision: If the home is perfect in terms of size and location then you should overlook minor imperfections.
  6. Being swept away: Minor cosmetic fixes and repairs are a seller’s tricks to ask for a high price for his property. You should be cautious and not get swayed away with these tactics and make a wise decision.
  7. Compromising on important things: Do not make compromises on things that can be a trouble for you in the long run.
  8. Not inspecting properly: Although the seller presents the house in its best form, still you must carry out a thorough inspection looking for any loopholes. 
  9. Not choosing the correct neighborhood: This may not seem to be important initially, but owning a house that has unfavorable neighbors can really have unpleasant circumstances subsequently.
  10. Not hiring an agent: You must take the help of a professional real estate agent while buying a home as he will have a proper knowledge about the present market and will be able to guide you properly.

For all your needs and concerns related to buying, selling and renting, you can contact us at Morris Real Estate at (254) 634-8852.

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Homes For Sale In Killeen TX

by Administrator 4. September 2014 11:20

Many people prefer owning a house than renting as it not only brings a sense of pride but also makes one free from landlord’s rules and regulations. By investing in a house you can actually convert your monthly payments into equity and over a period of time own a substantial piece of property. If you have plans to buy a house in Killeen TX, it is crucial for you to be aware of certain things and consider some important points.


Before you start hunting for a home you should make sure that you have the money to make the deal. It is no fun looking for properties when you cannot afford to buy. You should get a pre-approval for the mortgage and know your price range. Your realtors will show you many homes that are in your price range so it is crucial that you know your budget and your limitations. Knowledge about other factors such as property taxes, maintenance, utility bills and society dues also helps to understand about the entire financial burden. You should make sure you assess all the financial responsibilities before actually signing the deal and ensure that you have a clean credit history so that you can easily avail a loan.

Hire a realtor

Although it may look tempting to buy a home on your own but it is always a good idea to hire a professional realtor who has thorough knowledge about the process of buying and selling a house. A real estate agent can help you find the best neighborhood, evaluate the facilities in the area such as schools, markets and other amenities, and guide you with the buying procedure. A realtor helps you make a good deal while taking care of all the paper work. With the help of a professional you can avoid the surprises as he/she may inform you about many possibilities in advance.


Finding a home for sale is not enough as the facilities it offers and the location it is in makes a lot of difference. You should choose a location that offers a good neighborhood and a promising locale that will go up in value in future. Evaluate the vicinity, surroundings and your potential new neighbors. There should be good schools, markets and play grounds, and you should ask your realtor about the planned developments in the area.

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Tips To Sell Your Small Home In Killeen TX

by Administrator 19. August 2014 08:40

In the present real estate market it has become quite a difficult task to sell a home. With the variety of options available to buyers, they have the luxury to be picky and take their time to choose a house to buy. In such instances, it is very important for the homeowners to invest a little time and effort to stage their home properly for sale. This is beneficial due to a number of reasons and gives out a good impression about the house to the prospective buyer.

Here are some useful tips that will help you stage your house better and highlight its positive points to the buyers.

  • Homebuilders are well versed with the tips and tricks of selling. You can visit some of the newly built for-sale houses near you and try and understand the differences in your house and the new property. You should think like a potential buyer and take a note of the things the appealed or repelled you and try to make similar changes in your house.
  • You should scale down the furniture in your house and remove any unnecessary pieces. Try and keep as few things as possible to give an organized clutter free appeal to your house. Cluttered and disorganized rooms look smaller and inhibit the buyer to envision them living there.
  • The rooms should be painted in cool colors like light green, pale blue, bright yellow which will give an outsized feel to the room. Lighter rooms appear bigger and cleaner.
  • You should ensure that your room gets enough light, either natural or electric. Bright rooms give a warm and welcoming appeal.
  • You should avoid using too bold patterns on bedding and upholstery. A solid colored bedspread or blanket in a small bedroom will make it look larger.
  • The windows should also be kept simple. Ruffles, flounces, complicated valences and strong patterns should not be used.
  • The most overlooked part of the house is the kitchen and a huge load of utensils and appliances give it a crowded and messy look. You must remove all unused appliances and leave the minimum vessels on display.

If you need any help in the proper staging of your house, do consider taking professional help. For more information, please contact Morris Real Estate at (254) 634-8852. You can also reach us at 1104 W Veterans Memorial Blvd, Killeen, TX 76541.

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New Homes Vs Resale Homes: Which One To Buy

by Administrator 12. August 2014 08:55

A daunting question that confuses a lot of buyers is whether to buy a new home or buy an old one and renovate it. While for some, a newly constructed home with untouched kitchen and bathrooms is a preference, others like the old world like charm in the old houses that have character in them. Since one size does not fit all, there can be no easy answer to the question whether a new house has more advantages over an old one and vice versa.

New Houses:

  • New houses offer more personalized choices. Customers can choose what amenities they need in their new house like flooring, material used for kitchens, plumbing, electronic equipment besides other factors.
  • New houses offer contemporary style and modern facilities with low maintenance.  They use better industry standards and latest technology in the construction of the house. Also, the house is outfitted with energy efficient appliances.
  • New houses come with builder’s warranty which keeps home owners at ease in case a problem with the wire or plumbing arises.
  • They are practical and have lower maintenance costs since everything in the house is new and is covered under warranty in case anything breaks down.
  • New homes also offer incentives tailored to their residents’ needs, like gyms, tennis courts, walking trails, swimming pools etc.


  • Resale homes are already established in areas that are accessible to facilities including schools, shopping centers, public transport besides other services.
  • One factor that attracts home buyers is the landscaping in old homes. The green lawns, mature trees, bushes and plants make purchasing an old house more rewarding. Old homes may have basements and fireplaces which most people prefer to have.
  • An old home has everything in it and is just waiting for its occupants. The home owners do not need to spend weeks decorating it and will have fewer complications while moving-in. It takes less time for them to settle in.
  • The surroundings in which the older houses are established provide more sense of security.
  • An old home’s price can be easily negotiated between the seller and the buyer according to the market trends.

It entirely depends on the home buyer’s personal choices and lifestyle that can help them decide which housing option would be better for them. We, at Morris Real Estate, have been providing assistance to our clients in searching the kind of house they want to buy – whether a new one or an old house. You can call us at (254) 634–8852 for more information on our services.

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Tips To Sell Your Home In Killeen TX

by Administrator 18. July 2014 07:54

If selling your house at a good price in Killeen is on your mind, then you need to prepare your house before it is put on for sale. Before selling the house, however, it is good to bear in mind that the selling process will not be easy and will demand a lot of patience. You will have to do a lot of negotiation with buyers, fix a lot of appointments with them, and do research on the real estate market to make your house look as good as new. A few simple strategies explained below can help you sell your house quickly and hassle free:

  • Plan your finances: This is the first step towards selling your home and involves all the costs that will incur during the selling process like money spent on agent, legal documentation, transfer fee, money spent on replacemen t and repairs after doing home inspection and other taxes. These things will give you an exact estimate at which the house should be priced.
  • Hire a realtor: Hiring a realtor can be a good decision as he knows the real market trends and can guide you about pricing of similar homes. They help you sell the house faster and take the entire responsibility of its sale by putting the home in listings of homes for sale in Killeen TX.
  • Exposure: To let everyone know that your house is on the market, you should adopt proper advertising techniques. Simply putting a sign board saying “house for sale” does not serve the purpose. Distribute fliers and advertise online using social networking sites and emails.
  • Take pictures: Pictures of different areas of the house should be taken to be used in online marketing. A minimum of six pictures should be taken that cover your lawn area, living, dining, bedroom, washrooms and overall look of the house from the outside.
  • Display your home: Make your house more appealing by improving the inside as well as outside view. The house should look like a beautiful place to live in from the outside by adopting strategies like proper lighting of the lawn area, mowing away unwanted grass and landscaping to make it look refreshing. From the inside, furniture should be rearranged and any personal items like family photos should be removed. Walls, floors, cupboards, washrooms and cabinets should be perfectly clean.

You should review all your offers before selling the house and making a final decision. Once you are done, you should complete all the legal formalities and sign the papers.

We, at Morris Real Estate are a locally owned real estate company assisting all our clients in selling their homes at great offers. You can avail our services by calling at (254) 634-8852 or visiting our office at 1104 W Veterans Memorial Blvd Killeen, TX 76541.

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How Styling & Staging Helps In Selling Your Home In Killeen TX

by Administrator 11. July 2014 08:47

First impressions can go a long way when you are looking to sell your house. A house that looks beautiful and inviting has a great potential to attract potential buyers. Staged up houses also give you the opportunity to get the price you demand. For that to happen, it is required to follow some home staging tips that can make the buyers like and want to buy your home.

  • Boosting Curb Appeal: Landscaping enhances the style of your house. A lot of greenery and flowers make your house pleasant to look at. Sideways and walkways should be washed and kept clean. The main door should be of quality wood and the front windows should be properly washed to give a clean look to your house.
  • Keep your house clean: From the floor to walls, counters and windows, everything should be sparkling clean. This is the main key to make your buyers believe the whole house is hygienic and fresh. 
  • De-Clutter:  A house should be free from any unwanted clutter and items that are no longer needed. Things that you feel you can live without should be discarded away.
  • De-Personalize: Your personal collections of CD's, wall posters and artifacts should be removed. Pictures of family members should also be removed to let the buyers vision their own decorating.
  • Clean Kitchen: Kitchen is the most important area of a house. All counters, kitchen sinks and shelves should be well cleaned and presentable. Appliances should be clean and stored smartly to give the kitchen a clean look.
  • Re-arranging Furniture: Furniture items that make your living room look smaller should be removed. It is believed that groupings of furniture items provide a neat look to the room. Sofas can be grouped together to give them a cozy look. Repositioning the furniture to give an elegant look to your living room can go a long way.
  • Home Lighting: Great lighting makes a house look warm and welcoming. Investing in lighting like ambient (general and overhead), task (reading) and accent (table and wall) can dramatically enhance the look of your house.
  • Neutral and Appealing Colors: Neutral colors add a sophisticated backdrop to your house and make them look more tasteful. They also complement the furniture and give an elegant look, and bold colors should be avoided.
  • Styling the Dining Room: The most overlooked part of the house, a dining room should be look appealing to your buyers. Lining up a series of smaller vessels down the table can make it look inviting.

By disconnecting and transforming your house into what buyers are looking for you can easily sell your house. It is vital to ensure that you properly prepare and stage your house to sell it quickly at an attractive price.

For more informatiom, visit Morris Real Estate at 1104 W Veterans Memorial Blvd, Killeen, TX 76541. You can aslo contact our real estate experts at (254) 634 - 8852.

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