New Homes Vs Resale Homes: Which One To Buy

by Administrator 12. August 2014 08:55

A daunting question that confuses a lot of buyers is whether to buy a new home or buy an old one and renovate it. While for some, a newly constructed home with untouched kitchen and bathrooms is a preference, others like the old world like charm in the old houses that have character in them. Since one size does not fit all, there can be no easy answer to the question whether a new house has more advantages over an old one and vice versa.

New Houses:

  • New houses offer more personalized choices. Customers can choose what amenities they need in their new house like flooring, material used for kitchens, plumbing, electronic equipment besides other factors.
  • New houses offer contemporary style and modern facilities with low maintenance.  They use better industry standards and latest technology in the construction of the house. Also, the house is outfitted with energy efficient appliances.
  • New houses come with builder’s warranty which keeps home owners at ease in case a problem with the wire or plumbing arises.
  • They are practical and have lower maintenance costs since everything in the house is new and is covered under warranty in case anything breaks down.
  • New homes also offer incentives tailored to their residents’ needs, like gyms, tennis courts, walking trails, swimming pools etc.


  • Resale homes are already established in areas that are accessible to facilities including schools, shopping centers, public transport besides other services.
  • One factor that attracts home buyers is the landscaping in old homes. The green lawns, mature trees, bushes and plants make purchasing an old house more rewarding. Old homes may have basements and fireplaces which most people prefer to have.
  • An old home has everything in it and is just waiting for its occupants. The home owners do not need to spend weeks decorating it and will have fewer complications while moving-in. It takes less time for them to settle in.
  • The surroundings in which the older houses are established provide more sense of security.
  • An old home’s price can be easily negotiated between the seller and the buyer according to the market trends.

It entirely depends on the home buyer’s personal choices and lifestyle that can help them decide which housing option would be better for them. We, at Morris Real Estate, have been providing assistance to our clients in searching the kind of house they want to buy – whether a new one or an old house. You can call us at (254) 634–8852 for more information on our services.

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