Importance Of Tenant Screening

by Administrator 13. October 2014 08:52

Evaluating a tenant before signing a rental agreement is very important to ensure a smooth hassle free tenancy and to safeguard your property. While scrutinizing the background of the applicant, his credit worthiness, references, job and background screening is of utmost importance. Morris Real Estate provides a comprehensive tenant screening which includes complete credit and background screening of the tenant to ensure you rent out your property with a peaceful mind.  Here are few points why tenant screening is very important:

  • Legal Protection: There are many laws for the protection of the interest of the landlord but screening of the tenant is a form of objective measure for a rational decision in case the landlord faces any trouble.
  • Diminution of the Risk: Tenant screening is very important in minimizing the risk to the landlord. The screening report provides some assurance about the tenant and plays a great role in taking a decision regarding the tenant.
  • Sieves out the problematic tenant: Tenant screening involves comprehensive checking of the tenant through references. Previous landlords and current employer play a significant role here as they can disclose sensitive information about his behavior, payment habits, salary and personality. This process of background check helps in weeding out the wrong tenant.
  • Information about the Credit History: Tenant screening also helps in learning about the credit history of the tenant.  You can observe the payment behavior of the tenant from the report which can give a fair idea about the credit worthiness of the tenant.
  • Social behavior of Tenant:  The process of referring to the employer, friends or previous landlords of the person helps in perceiving the behavior of the possible tenant. Any information of wrong or faulty behavior and bad reputation can be very helpful in minimizing the chance of choosing wrong tenant.
  • Check on criminal background: A check on the criminal background of the tenant is conducted which is the most important fact to be known before finalizing the tenant. This check is not only beneficial for the landlord but also for the neighbors.

Hence, tenant screening is very crucial part of renting out an accommodation. We, at Morris Real Estate provide thourough tenant screening to all our clients in Killeen, TX. We make sure that the tenants you rent out your property to is credit worthy and reliable.


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